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Drone Security Surveillance

Drone Surveillance

Force8 Security is proud to introduce drone surveillance into our range of security services.

Drone surveillance can be a cost-effective way and simple way for businesses with large or remote premises to protect their property.

Security guards will be able to virtually patrol the entirety of your premises with ease, ensuring that your property is safe and allowing you to have peace of mind.

We can also use this technology to carry out security audits, check your property for roof and gutter problems or in the case of of large outdoor events, have a birds-eye view in case of crowd trouble.

Our drone surveillance service allows us to quickly and efficiently identify and respond to any suspicious activity on your premises. The drones we use are equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced technology that can detect movement and heat signatures. This enables our security personnel to quickly identify potential security threats and respond accordingly. With our drone surveillance service, you can be confident that your property is under surveillance and that any security breaches will be quickly detected and addressed. Our experienced drone pilots are fully licensed and insured, ensuring that you receive a safe and reliable service.

Drone For Security
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