Force8 came into existence in 2014. Initially a security business, Force8 has developed into an all-encompassing building and maintenance company, along with continued expansion across the security trade. Now, Force8 offers unrivalled service in the security industry, from door security to site patrols, keyholding to event security, and more. Force8 Vision offers CCTV & Alarm solutions, using modern camera systems and cutting edge technology to keep families, properties and industries safe.

Force8's building sector envelops a range of services from large scale construction tasks, such as extensions, renovations and conservatories, to residential tasks such as roofing, driveways and patios. New to 2018, Force8 now offers electrical services and has a fresh team of experienced electricians ready to solve electrical issues across East Anglia. Force8 also offers maintenance services that can be applied to commercial and residential properties, from grass cutting to industrial cleaning.

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