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Having alarms at your property ensures that you are aware if anybody ia attempting to break in, as well as acting as an excellent criminal deterrence. Alarms help to ensure that your valuables, your property and whoever is in the property is safe. They offer peace of mind and an added layer of security.

In order to discuss exactly which service, hardware and software we can offer you, we offer a free consultancy meeting. You can simply give us a call or an email and we will be happy to advise the best solution for you as well as sending over a free quote. 

We can provide a variety of maintenance services after installation and these maintenance packages and contracts are tailored to your exact needs. Not only this, we are able to carry out repairs and specialist services and offer this on either a six month or annual basis. 

These alarm based security services are available across Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond. 

These systems pair well with our CCTV systems, and is always more efficient to cable 2 systems at the same time.

Security Alarms
Alarm Installation Norfolk

Access your security 
alarms with a mobile app

You can access your alarms in multiple locations

Force8 Alarms Suffolk
Mobile Phone Security Access

With the Pyronix alarm system that Force8 install, you are able to access your alarms whenever you need to using the mobile app. 

This helpful app allows you to decide which alarms are set and when, meaning that you are able to personalise the system to suit both your property and your lifestyle. 

These alarms go well paired with one of the CCTV systems that we are able to install. If your alarm does alert that somebody has tried to enter, with CCTV you can have a visual of your property and know what is going on. 

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